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Success – the Park did the trick!

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

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Are WEEE really going out the front door?  Oh, please, please say it’s so!

(note – collar on means going out the front door to the park.  And the tails a-wagging.)

Yup, going for a ride! How great is this!

(and yes, the P’s are still a bit nervous and Dad did rode in back to the park with me.)

For Real?!?? Awe Mom, stop, do you really have to take a photo of my most private moments?  

(Yes – It did take a couple of pauses to rest to get her the 20 feet to her favorite spot  – but she wouldn’t go until she got there! and boy did she have to go).

Hmmm, maybe if I keep this up I’ll get a car ride to the park every night…..

Oh, I’m so much happier.  I think I might even eat tonight.  

(which after just a little nudging and some cottage cheese did happen, so we can all sleep well tonight).

Tomorrow marks the end of the first week since surgery and the start of counting down to week 8.

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two surgeries scheduled

Monday, September 5th, 2011

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

Darren’s first nickname for me was Gripper, then Elk Chaser, and Dogger Bogger. Amy calls me Girl Dog Dakota and both think I’m the Greatest Dog ever.  Soon I might get a new nickname because I’ll have undergone two major surgeries on September 6th 2011.

One is to have TPLO surgery on my back-left leg due from a cruciate ligament rupture in the knee that occurred after an awesome time at the dog park chasing after a ball and running in the river on July 10th, 2011.  The second is to amputate my front left elbow due to a snyovial sarcoma non-aggressive cancer around the elbow joint. The tumor was found a week later and does not appear to have spread and is degrading the bone and will cause me quite a bit of pain in the long run.

Once I got on the pain medications (Tramadol and then also Gabapentin) and some sleeping, my appetite came back and I’m more active.  But I’m still just getting by with my back leg being pretty lame and my front one hurting after a fair amount of activity.   I’m mostly only able to go on short walks and swimming.  I can run OK (if I don’t think about it and there is a squirrel to chase).  Darren & Amy took me for a good swim yesterday (which I did not want to leave the lake) and I’m pretty sore and limping today, but it was so awesome!

Darren and Amy have asked a lot of questions and talked many times with my very caring Veterinarian at Mesa Veterinary Hospital.  She recommended we take a visit to CO State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital that specializes in Oncology for animals.  There I also received lots of hugs and love from the Doctors and Interns.  I saw three surgeons who all said I’m a good candidate for surgery.  They said I’d go as far as Darren and Amy would take me; which is so very true.

The problem is the surgeons all had a different order of how they would handle my case, OF COURSE….Should the back leg get fixed first & heal, then amputate the front; or amputate then fix the back leg (which is really not an option cuz my back leg is so lame; or do both at the same time.    Basically the tear the band-aid off as fast as you can theory is what the Darren and Amy ended up going with.

The doc’s all say I have the spirit and a strong will and should do well with the surgeries.

It’s been awhile now due to scheduling and waiting for test results and I’d probably be healed from the cruciate by now, but we had to know if the sarcoma cancer was the aggressive type.  Great news, it is not.

So, I will have both the surgeries Tuesday morning the 6th    They are nervous, hopeful, and trusting that this is the right decision for me.  They are a bit unaware at this time what the recovery will be like, just that it will be challenaging.    

Keep us in your prayers and any advice on recovering from an amputation and a TPLO surgery for a cruciate ligament rupture would be welcome.