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Success – the Park did the trick!

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Are WEEE really going out the front door?  Oh, please, please say it’s so!

(note – collar on means going out the front door to the park.  And the tails a-wagging.)

Yup, going for a ride! How great is this!

(and yes, the P’s are still a bit nervous and Dad did rode in back to the park with me.)

For Real?!?? Awe Mom, stop, do you really have to take a photo of my most private moments?  

(Yes – It did take a couple of pauses to rest to get her the 20 feet to her favorite spot  – but she wouldn’t go until she got there! and boy did she have to go).

Hmmm, maybe if I keep this up I’ll get a car ride to the park every night…..

Oh, I’m so much happier.  I think I might even eat tonight.  

(which after just a little nudging and some cottage cheese did happen, so we can all sleep well tonight).

Tomorrow marks the end of the first week since surgery and the start of counting down to week 8.

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5 Responses to “Success – the Park did the trick!”

  1.   Dakota Dawg Says:

    You are in good company here. We celebrate those pees and poops. At least no one here will think you’re weird!

    Take advantage of these lovely late summer days and soak up the sunshine, Dakota. Fall is due to arrive later this week and that means the squirrels are really busy, out and about getting ready. They are driving my Dakota and Evelyn bonkers. How about you?


  2.   etgayle Says:

    big doings!!! just remember to take it a little more easy than you think you need to. and for each trip to the park, add one medicinal nap to your schedule!! love the pictures (charon still sits in the back with me…)

    gayle and charon

  3.   Pia Says:

    Glad to see that Dakota is getting out and about, evn if it’s at a slowf pace. I susoect that you will find her to be a resilient gal with a wuick recovery.

    •   dakotagirldog Says:

      Hi Pia, Her strength and ability to step up to the plate has been amazing to watch. She is doing great considering all that she had done to her. Of course there are plenty of times when she looks at us like what just happened to me and trying to get her barrings. Glad you were able to get online to check out her blog. She sends you one of her warm leaning body and head hugs~Amy

  4.   chilidawg Says:

    AW, congrats, it seems silly to stress about it, but we all do, so celebrate the moment! I’d use any reason to get to go to the park, anyways 🙂


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