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Getting settled at home

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Darren and I are surprised at how alert she is when she’s awake from those much needed naps. She seems to be in minimal pain, thx to some pain meds. She is going between getting some good sleep, watching our every move, trying to sneak a lick of her stitches here and there, to dazing off and wondering what in the world just happened to me, to being just plain happy and wagging her tail.

She has tried to get up herself a few times and can make it to a propped up position to look around. She has gotten up and outside (of course with our help) three times this afternoon and did take a few steps out on her own.  And she did eat and got some water.

By far the cutest so far is when we saw her phantom leg try to reach out to keep the petting of her belly going. This was one of her favorite things to do when we’d stop petting her and something we all will surely miss. You can kinda see this in the video.


Stitches will be out in two weeks which is when we can start some PT to help her start getting her muscles back. Did you know they have dog rehab centers with doggie treadmills in the water and recreational pools for swimming? … who would have guessed that! pretty darn cool.

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5 Responses to “Getting settled at home”

  1.   Dakota Dawg Says:

    Welcome home Dakota! We were wondering how you were doing. It sounds like you’re handling things like a champion. Be a good patient! Staying calm and quiet for 8 weeks will be ruff, especially since those squirrels and chipmunks are actively scurrying around right now. But do it for your folks!

    There are several members who’ve done rehab, in or out of the water. We did not, but I know you can get a lot of good info from them on what to expect and so forth. Keep us posted!

    Shari and Dakota

  2.   lyleegirl Says:

    Great Job Dakota! You are now a Tripawd Warrior Princess – welcome to our prestigious club! You have amazing pawrents who love you very much 🙂
    Lots of wags and kisses for a speedy recovery!
    Lylee Girl

  3.   maragaret yakush Says:

    Dakota looks so happy. i look forward to coming to work just to see how Dakota is doing.
    A lady at work her dog went to rehab and said it was total cool. If Dakota loved the water before she will total love the treadmill

    •   dakotagirldog Says:

      Grt to hear your following along and good to see you and family a few weeks back. We are excited about doing the rehab, we think it will be pretty cool too.

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