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Amazing Love

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Wow! When we went to bed, Dakota was about 5 feet from us.  Moving the spare bed mattress to the living room was  just not close enough for her.

All on her own and in the dark Dakota got herself standing upright.  We shined the flashlight to check on her and she had taken the steps and was at the foot of the bed wanting to get in.   Which is rare for her cuz she never sleeps in bed with us. So, we moved her bed those few extra feet so she could be closer.   We all got a good night sleep.

Up until this point and even this morning we were helping her up, so that shows she has a pretty strong will and is on the road to recovery.

Still anxiously waiting for her to go pee – she is very private in this area and does not like us looking at her whens he is doing her business so this might be the hardest part.

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6 Responses to “Amazing Love”

  1.   Dakota Dawg Says:

    Just a quick note on the peeing–my Dakota also won’t pee with an audience. I can check his blog here to confirm, but he was home about 36 hours before he peed. And I don’t think he’d done so before hospital discharge because he’s just not like that. So the entire time was much longer. He finally did when I walked away, and it lasted hours! So even though you need to support her, you may need to walk away and let her figure this out. You have 8 weeks, and that could be really long. I don’t mean abandon her; I just mean turn your back, tie your shoe, whatever helps her feel private.


    •   dakotagirldog Says:

      It must be in the name. Glad to know it may take some time. We can wait her out but her bladder will eventually get the best of her. We’ve already tried the walking away and turning our back, we’ll keep that part up.

  2.   Dakota Dawg Says:

    Have you thought of posting this as a forum question? I mean to get some advice on how to help Dakota? We’ve had front-amps here who’ve later had knee surgery, so they were contending with a similar issue. You can’t be the only folks here who’ve had to solve this dilemma. What did they do for their private dogs?

  3.   Cooper Says:

    When Cooper came home from surgery I thought he had not peed for 5 days, I had taken him in to an emergency vet on the 4th day home because a hole opened in his incision. When they examined him they said his bladder was empty and I didnt know how because I had not seen him go, when we got home, he got out of the car and laid down on the ground, and I couldnt get him up, I then realized he was peeing, he had been going while laying down and I didnt know it, I had been too busy watching while he stood. He pooped like a day later and then everything quickly got back to normal and he quickly got used to having an audience.

  4.   etgayle Says:

    gayle is a front amp, but she went right out and peed that first day home. i’m wondering…when gayle pees, she really has to squat down (sometimes she still gets too low and can’t get up without laying down and starting her up from there) you think the back knee surgery is making it too hard to squat?? it will happen, but it is anxious for the humans until that first pee and first poop is in the books.

    charon & gayle

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