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Why beat me, I’m a good dog?

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Dakota here, I’m resting and doing OK.  As one would imagine after having all these tubes hooked up to me and doctors fussing over me I can’t help but reflect on my life.  I have so many great memories from my time with Darren and then Darren & Amy but I keep going back to how unlucky I was at the beginning of my life.  Now I know Darren and Amy are worried somethin awful ’bout me but this is really nothing considering what I went through the first year of my life.  I was given to a man when I was two months old.  I was very sad to leave my mom and siblings but at the same time excited for the new environment.  Then it started…….The first time it happened I was kicked across the room.  I didn’t really know what happened.  Then I was chewing on a sock, as puppies do, and I was kicked again.  This time he also hollered at me.  I was terrified and cried and cried, I wanted to snuggle up under moms belly.  The beatings continued for months….oh how I dreaded when that man came home from work.  He did all sorts of bad things to me that I would rather not mention but I knew that I did not want to live like this.  I had way too much love to give.  One day after getting beat for throwing up on the floor I decided I would run away.  The next day when he went to leave for work I waited by the door and made my escape.  When I got outside I remember him hollering at me but I just ran and and ran and ran.  I finally stopped when I was so tired I thought I was going to fall over.  Now the adrenaline was gone and I was really scared.  It was a different kind of scared.  Where was I going to get food?  Where was I going to get water?  Was that mean man going to find me and take me to his home and beat me?  I wandered the streets for a few hours when I saw a nice lady in a van drive by.  She turned around and when she turned around I saw what was on the side of the van  “Animal Control”.  Finally someone that could answer my questions.  She had a treat for me too.  She loaded me in the van to take me to a secret location where I could tell her all about the mean guy and hopefully to get me something to eat and drink.  I was so thirsty.

I’m getting tired now and by body hurts, oh yes the very first question I was going to ask that nice lady from Animal Control when we get to our secret location was “Why beat me, I’m a good dog?”


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2 Responses to “Why beat me, I’m a good dog?”

  1.   Dakota Dawg Says:

    Wow, we have so much in common, Dakota! Not just our names and where we live. You should read my bio on my blog. Both of us had horrible starts that we didn’t deserve, and both of us were saved by nice people, and both of us have 3 legs now!

    Maybe one day we can meet. But for now, here is my advice: rest, drink water, and the most important one for your folks, please pee as soon as you get home. You have no idea how much stress not peeing causes around here! Stay strong, my friend!

    Love, Dakota

  2.   chilidawg Says:

    Oh Dakota, I’m so glad that you found a better home to live in! I’m glad that you have pawrents that love you now and don’t beat you. And yes, listen to Dakota- when you get home, pee, it stresses these humans out so much.

    -Spirit Chili Dawg

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